Feasa LED Spectrometer and Integrating Spheres

Intelligent Spectrometer for LED Calibration

Feasa LED Spectrometer

The New Feasa LED Spectrometer has been designed specifically to allow testing of LEDs on populated PCBs where access is limited. The Feasa LED Spectrometer includes customised on-board firmware for automatic colour calculation in multiple colour spaces. It uses a similar easy to use set of commands as the Feasa LED Analyser. When your quality demands Traceable Measurements the Feasa LED Spectrometer provide an ideal solution. Traceable Measurements can be obtained for Luminous Flux (Lumens) and Wavelength. The Spectrometer can work with all Feasa LED Analysers to ensure production setup meets
customer requirements.

Wavelength Operating Range - 380nm to 780nm
Automatic exposure control and Range Selection built-in
Ideal for testing RGB LED's and Colour Mixing
Connect to PC or to Feasa Hub
Simple and easy Command structure
Can be controlled by User Programs
Measurements are easily transferrable to the existing range of Feasa LED Analysers

Integrating Spheres

The Feasa range of Integrating Spheres have been specifically designed to test LEDs on Printed Circuit Boards and to measure LEDs in a Laboratory.

Used in conjunction with the Feasa LED Spectrometer to generate absolute and traceable measurements for Chromaticity and Intensity.
Allows the Test Engineer to generate a LED board with known values for Colour and Intensity (Known Good Reference board).
The compact size of the Spheres allow access to LEDs placed in close proximity to other components on the PCB.
Measurements are easily transferable to the existing range of Feasa LED Analysers.
Uses Industry Standard Fiber Optic Connectors and Patch Cords.

Feasa Integrating Sphere

Feasa Spectrometer

Feasa Integrating Spheres

Feasa Luminance (cd/m²) Head

Feasa Milicandela (mcd) Head